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What can you expect from your first smoking cessation session?

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In the first session of a smoking cessation is important to assess your realistic or unrealistic expectations regarding the therapy and your motivation of being a none-smoker.

Clearly if you are pressured into giving up, or if you feel any demand behind your desire then this might sabotage the therapy.

You can expect this type of questions to come up during the assessment part of the session:
What is the most important benefit of being a none-smoker?
What will be life like without the cigarette; what will you be able to do, feel, save?

I use the SUD’s (Subjective unit of desire) scale 0%- no desire 100%- desire to stop smoking.

If the answer is around 50% or less then the motivation is not high enough for the smoking cessation via hypnosis to be effective, however we can work together on your motivation and desire to quit smoking. So you can built up that genuine desire to be a non-smoker, rather than just wish to be one.

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