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Do you struggle with physical discomfort, phobias or unhealthy beliefs related to your health?

Very often we live under the impression that our body can always be fixed with the traditional methods of treatment, however we can easily forget that the mind can be sabotaging the process of healing.

Creating the balance between a healthy mind and a healthy body is a goal to which we should all aspire. Every day stress, tensions, anxieties and unhealthy habits have a detrimental effect upon our health. A vast amount of empirical studies suggest that prolonged stress, tensions, anxieties, depression and unhealthy habits have a detrimental effect upon our health.

Clinical Hypnotherapy offers many gentle techniques, which can be easily practiced in a comfort of your home once you learn how to utilise them to your specific needs.

Jana has been helping her private practice clients and also patients at the Brompton hospital in Chelsea since 2009 to tackle following challenges:

  • Pain management - pre and post operative state, headaches caused by stress
  • Phobias - needle phobia, fear of bacteria, fear of medical procedures
  • Unhealthy negative emotions — anxieties, guilt, jealousy, anger, hurt and shame
  • Stress management — workplace or domestic stress

NP, an out-patient from the Brompton hospital 

"I felt depressed and very anxious about any medical appointments when I met Jana . I was initially misdiagnosed in the passed for my lung condition and I felt hopeless when I found out. I had a serious  trust issues with almost any doctor I saw until I started to practice self- hypnosis, which Jana taught me in the first session. I feel  much calmer and less agitated when see my specialist. I have worked on accepting doctor's opinions, but being able to challenge them in a friendly and rational manner when I think that their opinions don't make sense to me. I think that subconsciously, the hypnotherapy has helped me to put things into perspective and manage my thoughts in more productive way."

AB, a personal trainer

"Jana, I found it quite difficult to relax during the first session and was quite sceptical about whether I'd be able to be hypnotised, but was pleasantly surprised by the outcome. You're definitely very talented at what you do, but apart from that, your passion and desire to help people is very inspiring. My initial discomfort at early stages of pregnancy and anxiety of being a first time mother gradually shifted with each self-hypnosis that you taught me to practice on daily basis. The labour itself was very challenging as expected, but I was quite proud of how I managed the whole new situation. I am cherishing every minute with my daughter and take every day as it comes."


The price of therapy session: £80

(Please ask for 30% discount if you are a full time student)

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