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How many different diets and exercise programs have you tried with little or no success?

The problem is that diets work on your body, but they do not amend your way of thinking about food and exercise. This is the main reason why most people find it hard to lose weight or maintain their ideal weight when they reach their goal. Clinical Hypnotherapy is different to most weight loss programs because it works on your subconscious triggers for eating caloric foods in unhealthy quantities. These triggers will be identified in the first session, as well as a clear goal of the therapy. Then we will tailor a strategy which will help you to adjust your lifestyle sustainably. All the techniques of Clinical Hypnotherapy are designed to relax your body and mind and gather the best resources for working with your individual challenges that are getting in the way of achieving your desired weight. We will find creative ways of visualising your healthy lifestyle, exercises, and boosting your motivation for ongoing progress."

JB, a charity worker shared his experience with hypnosis

"Well what can I say, I was very sceptical at first, however prepared to try anything once so found my way to Jana at Westminster Hypnotherapy. I'm only human I wanted a quick fix but new really it may involve hard work, which at times was challenging. Jana clearly had a quick insight into my struggle with weight management and my own pitfalls which were not helping my situation. I came away with a new way at looking, buying and eating food and no foods were banned. I learnt to enjoy exercising as a lifestyle and not a quick fix. Most of all I learnt a lot about myself and to praise my successes & not beat myself up about what I haven't achieved yet. I would highly recommend Jana if you've never tried hypnotherapy and are struggling with weight management."

TC, a business owner shared her experience with hypnosis

"At the start of the new year I decided to undertake hypnosis after having read an article about how it helped a woman lose weight. I had decided that enough was enough with the way that I consumed chocolate and I definitely needed to take action with losing weight. I certainly had concerns at the start as I'm sure most people do, but was ready to do this. Since my first session I have not had, craved or binged on chocolate. It is 5 weeks later and I don't want or need it. I also have a steady weight loss and people have started to notice and compliment me on this. I would definitely recommend hypnosis and have already done so to my family and friends. It worked for me and it will certainly work for others too, but you will need to practice discussed and practiced techniques."


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(Please ask for 30% discount if you are a full time student)

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