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Do you feel that your relationship with yourself and/or others has become dysfunctional or is stagnating?

Partner relationships can face challenges at any stage in their relationship, and it can sometimes be difficult to see things from a healthy perspective. Clinical Hypnosis offers very gentle yet challenging techniques that will allow you to review your relationships with others, and also see yourself in a different light. Creative ‘hypnotic scripts’ that Jana tailors with you will explore your creativity in the art of subconscious self-analysis. You will mentor your mind by nurturing your inner voice to lead you through specific scenarios in life that often trigger automatic negative beliefs. Learning about our mental triggers is important, but even more important is the second step, which is to build a healthier strategy in your mind that will support a more functional set of beliefs about the same specific event. Mental rehearsals need to be practiced on daily basis to achieve the change that you desire, but each practice will need not just a strategy but a conviction too. Some of you who lack that conviction at the beginning of the therapy may benefit from a combination of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) and hypnosis. CBT always deals with any underline issues that might sabotage the process of therapy.

Jana has helped her clients with the following issues:

Relationship issues- parenting difficulties, potential separation, redundancy, bereavement, anger, infidelity, divorce, infertility issues with no medical diagnosis, unhealthy stress, depression, anxiety including OCD and GAD (Generalised Anxiety Disorder).

Trauma - e.g. PTSD, mental and physical abuse, domestic violence and bullying

Addictions –e.g. alcohol, tobacco, food, gambling, shopping, and work

Psychosexual problems -e.g. premature ejaculation, frigidity, vaginismus and impotence.

Phobias –e.g. flying, escalators, lifts, closed spaces, needles, animals, insect and contamination

AJ, a physiotherapist shared her experience with Clinical Hypnotherapy and CBT

"Whilst it was difficult to start with and the repetition of the theory was frustrating it was very satisfying once it all came together and  started to make sense.  I found it amusing the negative thoughts I  was telling myself. The simplicity of the 3 questions, which were part of the CBT toolkit and the direct suggestions practiced in my self-hypnosis, were quite easy to remember. I have very quickly found that my thought processes are much more realistic. When they aren't I feel I have a skill-set ready to use. It has been hugely beneficial to me and I am a much more calm, flexible and happy person. "

The price of therapy session: £80
(Please ask for 30% discount if you are a full time student)

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