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Psychosexual Problems

Is premature ejaculation having a significant effect on your relationship?

Clinical hypnotherapy can help you address unhelpful thoughts about your sexual performance and look for more flexible alternative thoughts that will decrease self-inflicted pressure. You will learn to utilise simple, but very effective direct suggestions in relaxed and safe environment, which you will then practice on daily basis between the sessions. Your own self-hypnosis will provide you with an effective mental rehearsal , which will calm your mind, but also bring you more realistic and flexible attitude prior to your intimate time. 

It is crucial to remember that premature ejaculation is usually caused by 'catastrophic' and also inflexible thinking, therefore it is almost always treatable even in the most severe of cases.

Frigidity/Lack of sexual desire

Have you noticed that your sexual appetite has decreased or even disappeared altogether?

A lack of sexual desire can be psychologically embedded in your beliefs. But whether the root cause is emotional or physical, frigidity can result in conflict and strain in even the most secure relationships. However, in many cases the cause is not physical and you can recover your lost enjoyment through learning relaxing and equally effective hypnotherapy techniques which will target very specific unhelpful thoughts which lead you to feel anxious or depressed about your lack of sexual desire.


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