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Overcoming Exam Nerves, Procrastination and Performance Anxiety

Have you ever been paralysed by nerves during an exam or during a public speaking situation?

People often deal with exam stress in many unhelpful ways, such as procrastinating, not revising because they think that they will do badly anyway, and missing exams due to the anxiety that they are feeling. Clinical Hypnotherapy can help to improve concentration and memory retrieval, reduce stress and tension prior to a performance, overcome procrastination, and to find more enjoyable ways of preparing oneself for a performance via creative visualisation. Self-hypnosis will be the main tool in your preparation for an academic or a professional performance. Just like the best athletes or artists need their mental rehearsal, you will need your very own set of rehearsals to polish your performance and 'flex' your expectations. 

Jana can specifically help you with:

  • Improving concentration and memory for study — e.g. performance anxiety, assertiveness training, anger management
  • Removal of unhealthy feelings of stress and tensions
  • Overcoming procrastination and avoiding revision or missing exams
  • Finding more enjoyable ways of studying, which will avoid many hours of unrewarding effort

AN, a student shares her experience with hypnotherapy

“I felt very anxious about my habit to procrastinate especially in regards to my dissertation work. There was always something more important than reading my research material.  I was very skeptical about seeing a hypnotherapist, but Jana explained the core principles of hypnotherapy techniques very clearly and competently. I felt at ease during the second session which probably benefited to my learning of self-hypnsis. I was confident with my home practice of self-hypnosis, which lead to surprisingly fast results. After only four sessions I felt more motivated and inspired to get on with my academic work which I finished on time.”

LP, a student of economics shared his experience with hypnotherapy and CBT

"I always felt that my academic achievements weren't good enough or I could do somehow better once I started the Uni. I also struggled with various social destructions, which compromised my academic work even further. I needed fast results to change my focus and improve my marks. I read some information on Hypnotherapy on line and I thought that this could work for me. 
I was reasonably skeptical when I saw Jana for the first time, but she addressed my skepticism immediately, which was reassuring.  She helped me identify the main triggers for my procrastination and my performance anxiety. It was quite a revelation to learn that my general attitude to learning was 'crippling' my academic efforts. Daily practice of self-hypnosis helped me visualise specific challenging situations with more rational and in general healthy attitude which then started to shift my actual behaviour. I had 6 sessions with Jana which combined hypnotherapy and CBT techniques."


The price of therapy session: £80
(Please ask for 30% discount if you are a full time student)

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