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Have you felt lack of motivation, unbearable stress or a frustrating atmosphere at your work place?

Gentle, yet powerful hypnotherapy techniques can help you reduce overwhelming symptoms of unhealthy stress and anxiety, address procrastination; boost your self-belief, motivation and dedication to your goals regarding work. Mental rehearsal techniques will also allow you to visualise and improve not just your work performance, but also your relationships within your team. 

Jana can specifically help you with:

  • Reducing your feelings of unhealthy stress and tensions
  • Procrastination issues
  • Assertiveness training
  • Managing conflicts at work
  • Issues with time keeping

MD, a tax accountant shared his experience with hypnotherapy and CBT:

“My work is run by deadlines and needs of my clients which I struggled to cope with before I saw Jana. Her straight forward explanation of what was  running my anxiety was spot on, therefore I was eager to learn as much as possible about how I can break that vicious cycle of worries about the next deadline.  Jana introduced me to the ABCDE model of psychological health, which helped me to map my thoughts and their impact on my feelings, actions and also my physical health. I found CBT techniques mixed with self-hypnosis very useful as I could challenge my thoughts in conscious, but also more subconscious way."


The price of therapy session £80/per hour

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